What Will We Call the Generation Born After 2000?

Posted by: Robert Wendover

The next generation


We are increasingly asked this question. Simply said, there is no naming body that comes up with a specific label after extensive research. Each one has evolved into general use after the media adopts it. So no matter what someone suggested, it’s really a result of adoption by those in our journalistic community.

There are only two monikers we've seen postulated so far for those who are nine and under at this point -- "Homelanders" and "GenNexters."  It's a little premature to know what the lasting label will be,  for three reasons: 


  1. Many of them have not been born as of yet and we do not know where their birth curve will reach its nadir.

  2. They are not old enough to have entered the consumer marketplace. Therefore, they have not displayed their consumer behaviors in any substantial way. Sure there are people out there who claim they know, but that’s mostly hogwash at this point.

  3. The media has not jumped into the fray on this as of yet. No matter what some expert may choose to call them, it is the media that really influences the labeling.

So stay tuned!

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